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Hussey Copper’s capabilities extend from melting and casting primary metal to delivering finished components and products for an extraordinary range of industries. Now the world’s largest and most expert producer of electrical copper bar, we’ve been a dependable link in American manufacturing supply chains for nearly 170 years.

We  pursue superior quality in everything we do. We’re ISO certified; we conform to ASTM standards; and our commitment to Lean Manufacturing generates continuous improvement through constant training, painstaking maintenance, and ever-better processes. Those are just some of the reasons why our products and services consistently exceed customer expectations.

Our headquarters facility in Leetsdale, Pa., near Pittsburgh, manufactures high-volume, high-quality products to ever-tighter tolerances, from construction copper sheet, transformer winding, and copper tape to copper strip, sheet, and plate, as well as copper-nickel sheet and plate. Continuing capital outlays target future advances in quality, capacity, and environmental protection.

The Hussey bar mill in Eminence, Ky., is the only plant in the U.S.A. that can supply rolled bar with a finished edge as wide as 12 inches. We offer all standard bar dimensions, and can quickly deliver custom sizes engineered to fit your specific needs — often with no additional die charges. equipping it with continuously upgraded rolling mills and lines dedicated to annealing, silver flash plating, and tin plating.

Hussey’s Fabricated Products Division, also at Eminence, focuses on simplifying your manufacturing process. Now you can outsource value-added parts made from Hussey bar, rod, and shapes (either rolled or extruded), and incorporate our precision technologies and metalworking expertise at every stage of production.

No one understands copper the way we do. Recently, we’ve put our knowledge to work in fighting the global threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Hussey experts are exploiting copper’s built-in antiseptic properties with naturally antimicrobial MD-Cu29 products featuring surfaces that dramatically reduce bacterial contamination in high-risk settings such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, and homes.

When it’s about copper, you can call on Hussey. You’ll get the answer you need to get the job done.

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