Hussey Copper

Hussey Copper

The Element of Trust.


For electric power delivery and a host of other industries

Hussey manufactures consistently high-quality coppers and copper-nickel alloys for a comprehensive range of industries and applications.


Furnished in strip, plate, bar, and coil form, Hussey high-performance coppers exhibit uniform composition and consistent physical, fabrication, and mechanical properties, time after time.


High resistance to corrosion and bio-fouling make Hussey copper-nickel alloys ideal for desalination plants, seawater intakes, and piping systems, heat exchangers, and condensers. Furnished in strip, plate, bar, and coil form, all Hussey copper-nickels are well adapted for conventional machining, fabrication, and welding.

Hussey copper-nickel alloys owe their exceptionally sound metallurgical composition to our precisely controlled casting process.

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