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Hussey Copper

The Element of Trust.


Stable, responsive, and reliable, since 1848.

Born in the heroic age of American industry, we’ve been growing for nearly 170 years. We do it by listening to our customers, finding solutions for their evolving needs, and reducing their headaches.

Dr. Curtis G. Hussey, a Pittsburgh physician and entrepreneur, founded our company in 1848. He built the original Hussey rolling mills on the banks of the Monongahela River, in the manufacturing heart of the then-smoky city.

Processing copper from newly discovered deposits along Lake Superior, we brought  high-quality roofing copper and other practical goods within easy reach for a growing nation of makers and builders. We were engineering-driven, right from the start.

Emerging technologies like the telegraph, the telephone, and the electric light revolutionized life in the late 19th century, and Hussey Copper morphed into a mainstay of the electrical equipment industry. To this day, we’re the world’s leading producer of copper bus bar.

We manufactured ever-greater quantities of sheet, strip, plate, and bar at our original site until 1963, when we moved to a modern facility at Leetsdale, Pa., just west of Pittsburgh. Holding our own through the industrial upheavals of the 1980s, we sharpened our focus on high-quality, tight-tolerance copper and copper-nickel products.

During the 1980s, a period of transition in management, we launched an aggressive capital expenditure program, focusing on higher quality and lower costs.

Since then, we’ve made strategic improvements in casting, hot and cold rolling, annealing, and finishing processes at Leetsdale, and we’ve equipped both sites for compliance with all environmental requirements.

Customer-oriented innovation has been a constant. Our specialty rolling mills, for example, revolutionized copper bar production. To more effectively supply bus bar users, we opened a dedicated bar plant,  in Eminence, Ky., in 1966.

By sharing our value-added metalworking expertise and precision technologies, the fabrication plant in Eminence, Ky. has been saving manufacturing steps for our OEM customers since 2000.

At both Hussey locations, we recently introduced flexible, automated inventory management services that offer our customers greater control over cost and manufacturing flow.

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