Hussey Copper

Hussey Copper

The Element of Trust.


Quality-engineered from our superior bar, rod, and shapes

Now you have full access to our continuously updated facility — a showcase of fabricating technology. Fully integrated production enables us to monitor components through every production step, for total control from casting through machining, finishing, inspection, and shipping  operations.

Call (502) 845-0270 or contact our sales team to find out how you can reduce cost, save time, and take the pressure off your in-house capacity.

• CNC milling, drilling, and turning

• Computer assisted product design

• Die making

• Edge bend forming

• Extruding

• Finishing and polishing

• Hardware installation

• Heat-shrink tubing installation

• Machining

• Punching

• Silver and tin plating

• Tapping

• Turning

• Waterjet cutting

• Welding

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