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Run one part or 100,000 with total process control

Streamline your production line by outsourcing fabrication operations to the Hussey team. Our command of fabrication technologies enables us to provide you with the highest-quality components at competitive prices — all made here in the U.S.A.

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ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
Omax2652Abrasive waterjet cutting system52" x 26" x 2"1


ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
Brother229CNC drilling center20" x 9"1
Fadal40203-axis vertical machining center48" x 20" x 20"2
MazakVTC-200C3 ½-axis vertical machining center w/indexing 4th axis65" x 20" x 20"1
Mori SeikiMV-652 ½-axis vertical machining center1
OkumaCadet Mate3-axis vertical machining center40" x 20" x 17"1
OkumaMC-V4020CNC vertical machining center with two-pallet loading system40" x 20" x 17"1
OkumaMX-40MX-4022" x 24" x 22"3


ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
OkumaLU-15M4-axis chucker lathe with live tooling24” max. swing1


ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
BridgeportSeries 1Vertical knee mill32" x 9" x 10"1
Van NormanNo.16Horizontal/vertical milling machine39" x 9" x 10"1


ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
Amada35SRG 35-ton up-acting press brake47.3" x 7.88"2
Amada5020D55-ton up-acting press brake78.8" x 15.75"1
AmadaPega 345 King33-ton mechanical CNC turret press40" x 50"1
AmadaSPH-6060-ton down-acting press brake32" x 20.1"1
AtekBantam PM 22424-ton down-acting pneumatic press bake24" x 18"1
AtekPM2420SFO42-ton down-acting pneumatic press brake 24" x 18"1
ClearingTorc Pac32-ton OBI mechanical press24" x 15"1
E.W. Bliss--20-ton mechanical press23" x 13”1
E.W. Bliss--60-ton mechanical press32" x 22"1
E.W. BlissC3535-ton OBI mechanical press26.5" x 17"1
E.W. Bliss6060-ton OBI mechanical press21" x 13"1
Finn PowerTP-252030-ton hydraulic CNC turret press78.7" x 49.2"2
Finn PowerTP 3000 IF2/22/SU30-ton hydraulic CNC turret press49" x 49"1
Franklin Mfg. Co.BBF546V40HP40-ton buss bar fabricator with gantry loader8" x 240"1
KomatsuOBS80-380-ton hydraulic press39.37" x 23.62"1
L&J100100-ton OBI mechanical press14" x 26"1
MinsterNo. 5 OBI35-ton OBI mechanical press28" x 18"1
Minster775-ton OBI mechanical press36" x 24"1
MinsterP2-100-48100-ton mechanical press48" x 32"1
Novo PressBGD340-ton horizontal bender5" x 144"1
Pacific110-PF OBS110-ton hydraulic press42" x 26"1
Penn EngineeringSeries 4Penserter pneumatic press2" stroke1
Promecam--75-ton up-acting press brake96" x 10" x 24"1
ToyokokiAPB-28628-ton down-acting hydraulic press brake23.62" x 24"1
V&ONo. 560-ton mechanical press33" x 22"1
VersonNo. 125125-ton OBI mechanical press30" x 30"1
VersonNo. 150150-ton OBI mechanical press36" x 30"1


ManufacturerModelDescriptionWork AreaUnits
Almco--Vibratory tumbler10 cubic feet 1
Clausing--Drill press5"1
MetlSawCS214-T8Nonferrous cutoff saw w/loader4" x 24"1
MetlSawCE2Nonferrous cutoff saw6" x 24"1
Procunier--Tapper 4" stroke1
Procunier--Tapping machine--1
SchumagS1Cold-drawing machine with polisher.875" x 240"1
Torpex--Vibratory tumbler12 cubic feet1
Wagner--Cutoff saw8" x 144"1
WeldtronT112Furnace12" x 72" 2
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